Last year, my husband and I went to Sturgis, South Dakota on our motorcycle Starla. We went 2,500 miles round trip. I would have never in my wildest dreams thought this would be possible with this debilitating disease. Some how I mustard up the strength and set across country. It was accelerating. My adrenaline glands were pumping and my body was in high gear most of the way. I did have pains along the way… OH YES!  My focus while riding  was what going to be around the next turn. It was breathe taking. This year, I am packing up to do it again. When I ride I never forget about my rsd/crps I can’t. It is constant and relentless. I always say my prayers and remember everyone who is still suffering from rsd/crps before my rides. Have a wonderful summer because this is the only time with the hot weather my rsd/crps is a little more tolerable.