This past week I have been struggling with my pain. The weather got really nasty and dropped 40 degrees. I do so much better when its warm to hot and the temperature does not fluctuate. I am doing my tricks for my trade. My trade is surviving RSD. So this week, I really concentrated on meditation, yoga, hot baths. Being a mother and a wife, I had so much to accomplish this week that I  really stressed myself out. I know that I am trying to live as normal of a life with the RSD. The RSD always seems to catch up and then bites me in my butt. Now I am paying the price for all that I did. But right now I am unable to sit back give myself that much needed pity party and rest. I need to to get my house in order and cleaned for my family that’s coming into town. So with  faith and a prayers I will push through all this pain, stress, and feeling overwhelmed and just get it done.