I want to let you know that I will be your cheerleader. I do not care how old you are. What stage you are in. How long you have had rsd/crps. I too lay in bed during bad days. When the time comes, which is everyday to rally myself, and get to my boys, who are 6 and 8 years old. I do it. Some days are so bad that I go straight to the bathroom to vomit from the pain. I then take that shower that feels like razor blades cutting through my skin. Dry myself off, shacking from the air, that has now turned my skin into a firery burn. I can see my prize. That is my boys who need to be feed, have a kiss, and a hug .Then sent off to school. Find that prize that keeps you going and do it. To keep my self going and in shape .I do yoga twice a week. Yes it hurts. Yes some days I cry holy hell and want to curse the disease but it’s keeping me strong, fit, and my mind is healthier for it. Remember the pain is keeping you alive. When you have no pain you are dead. So, pain is what we need to remember is just a feeling, suppress it. Life hurts, it’s just how much you want the rsd/crps to interfere.