Hi , I am responding to  you.. .I realize that you have been fighting this terrible disease for 4and half years. I know that insurance and Workman’s comp., are huge issues in all of the rsd/crps families lives. Do not give up the fight! I am getting ready to learn and take a test for health insurance since it has so effected my life.  But sense I have RSD I know it will take a little bit longer for me to get there. It’s not just the insurance, Workman’s comp., it’s also the doctors. My doctor can’t seem to pull his head out of his ass and get ketamine to me. He has seen the scientific proof with the study that I was in for a year in half in another state that it works! My doctor like all doctors are covered by insurance and is scared of what could potentially go wrong with me. Nothing has ever gone wrong with the infusion. I must tell you getting  a powerful drug IV into your veins you do hallucinate. I always had my mom in the room with me and we would go on a TRIP! Like to Mexico, Hawaii, or where ever you want. Only once did I have a weird hullicination and it was not that bad it was just pepdobismo pink. So when you do do this really heavy drug strong mind, will of god, and golden on the other side. Is what I meditated about each and every time.