I have full body rsd for seven and half years and the one true medicine or procedure that has ever worked was ketamine infusions. I once lived in the state of Colorado where I received ketamine infusions. I got more than a dozen ketamine infusions. Ketamine gave me the most relief and for the longest time period. The ketamine would last in my body for three weeks. When I was receiving these infusions I did not take any other narcotics or drugs of any kind during the three weeks. It’s not that I did not have pain but the pain was at acceptable level for me. Pain varies and is different from one individual to the next.  During the fourth week I would take break through medication until my next infusion. For me not having to take pills on a daily basis and on a scheduled regimen was huge. This was a miracle drug for me. Taking pills really misses with your psychology of your being. Their have been many studies on people that take medication and how that taking pills even though they help for one aliment can cause depression. At this time in my life I was really trying not to be on a lot of medicines. I did this for about a year and half.  I currently live in a state that is not willing to release this medicine to their patients.