I have been asked about blue fingers and if my fingers turn colors.  Well, my fingers hands, arms, legs, feet, and toes are like a rainbow. One moment I can be okay and the next moment I am not. That’s take my right hand for example. It could look “normal” but I forgot what “normal” looked like.  Then I will get the freezer burn feeling and my hand will turn ice cold.  Second stage, my hand and fingers will swell up. Third stage is the intense electrical sensation. My last stage is the mental part. It’s a chess match on mind verses body and who will win. Yes, sometimes I feel like I have a split personality between the RSD side. The side that I just want to win over the RSD so I play like a mental game and think of a strategic plan to get through my day. While these different stages are taking place… in seconds my hand can go to normal color but that’s not even normal anymore. So like a pink to a maroon. Then maroon to purple blue.  My feet where once a size 5. Now my shoes range from a 5 to a 6 1/2.  My feet depending on the day will swell to what ever size they want to be. Please remember it is me verses the RSD so bare with me. On really bad days I understand wanting to jump out of my skin. This week is one of those weeks that my RSD has not gave me a break. I feel like a freak around people that don’t know what’s going on. I have the wiggles, shakes, spasms, and can’t keep still. I feel like the little kid in the classroom with ADHD.  I do a lot of pacing if I can’t lay in bed.  So the question was do my fingers turn blue?