About a week ago,I was a good 3 miles out on my mountain bike. When  all of a sudden… I slapped the concrete. My feet where stuck in cages and my hands caught me when I hit the ground. I was a fish out of water. I didn’t know how I got to that point until I saw my hoody stuck in my rear wheel. I felt like a dumb ass. I just laid their until I finally picked myself up.  I  brushed myself off.  Endurance willing got back on my bike.   Next thing I know my vision started to go cloudy my stomach was getting sick. Then the pain from my crash set in. The pain was different than what I expected. Having RSD  pain is weird I knew I was going to hurt but not like barb wire cutting through my skin. Most people  tell me not to ride a bike or do half the things I do with full body RSD . I am not willing to give up or stop doing what I want  to do. I will be back on my bike in a couple of weeks.  Maybe I am a gluten for punishment. I do hurt myself constantly. Have muscle spasms at the wrong time. Appendages stop working at the most inconvenient time. I’ve been asked where I got my drive from or why my doctor won’t tell me to stop.  Well, I played every sport growing up. By the time I was a teenager I was a sponsored national league soft ball player. Played varsity in high school. By the age of 24  I had climbed 54 14 thousand peak mountains. I still have more in me to do. I will never stop trying or doing. One day my RSD will go into remission and I will be in prime shape to do what ever I want.