“Some-timers” the phrase was coined due to the fact that I am 32 years old I don’t have alzheimer’s. I just have memory issues. “Some-timers” is used instead of brain injury. The words brain injury brings me to tears. When a close friend or family catches me in “some-timers?” Well, now it just makes me laugh. I will just shrug my shoulders and move on. For example, last month I opened up the Halloween bin to put up decorations. It was like Christmas in October. I had no idea that I owned even half what I had. Little surprises everyday but last month was huge. I wonder what going to come out of my Christmas bins? How “some-timers” evolved?  I lost parts of my memory about two and half years ago.  I was found dead in bed one morning, back in April of 2006.  My friends found me literally dead. Anyways, CPR, 911,  paramedics, emergency room, resuscitated, coma, and out the hospital in two week.  No one knows how long I was without oxygen or dead for. I function normally just sometime I get “some-timers.”   “Some-timers” has an affect on both my long term memory and short term.  Thank god I have a sense of humor about my life.