Yesterday, I went to a new primary care provider (PCP). This is my third PCP to go to, sense I moved to this state just one years ago.  My first two rejected me on the grounds of to much to handle.  All I want a PCP for is referrals and when I get sick.  It really is not much to ask for.  The last two doctors got stuck on medical history and my current medical situation.  When I speak to a doctor I speak in their language not layman’s. I wonder If this is intimidating? The doctors always want to know my educational back ground. I have 187 credits completed in college education, I tell them.  I did not learn to talk their jar-gin in school. No, No, that came from my countless hours of doctor appointments and my own research. I have made far to many extra problems by following  doctors advise.  Educate, research, and ask those tough questions is what has kept me alive.  REMEMBER Doctors PRACTICE Medicine. They are not god! They are not powerful and all knowing! Doctors are just human beings like you and I . So, yesterday … this PCP got stuck on my death two years ago. Because on the records, it states, on the first page failed to resuscitate and then I was in a coma. I know I am not the ideal healthy patient that a PCP would like walking through their door. I just don’t have a snooty nose. I have a list of health problems. 1. Full body RSD. 2. Degenerated Arthritis in my spine. Herniated spinal cord. 3. Missing discs and bone in my lower spine. 4. Endometriosis. I do know why the PCP said to me yesterday that he would have to talk me over with his partners and get back to me, if I will become their new addition to their patients list. Is this another rejection or will he become my new PCP?