I can predict the weather, and no I am not psychic.  My body loves the hot weather. My RSD thrives in the heat. I recently moved from a colder and winder state with four seasons.  To a state that has three season and is much hotter.  I love the heat. The season just recently changed to fall and my body due to the cold is folding in like a box.  Anytime the weather changes twenty degrees my body can feel it coming. My bones start to ache and break. My head feels like it going to explode and my muscles get tight.  I even have friends and family ask how to dress or what jacket to bring for the day. My predictions have been more accurate than any weather man.  My thought for the day is if you live some where cold. Then it is time to move.    My doctors told me it could save my life  by moving to a warmer climate.  If you think you cannot do it, you can.  I upped and moved my children and I. I drove 1,300 miles by myself and two kids. I did not know anyone where I moved to. I packed everything into a little Honda civic. Got a storage room for the rest and moved, on a hope, faith, and a prayer. It worked out so well and my condition with my RSD improved with in three months. I went from being in bed eighteen hours a day.  To sleeping eight hours with a small nap in the afternoon. If I can do this with full body RSD you can do it too.  I believe in you!