Lidocaine infusions are a wonderful way to go! If you have RSD/CRPS and if the disease effects your head like mine does… Then I highly recommend talking to your pain specialist about this procedure. Before, having this disease, I use to get a migraine a couple of times a year. So I do know what a migraine feels like. After, being diagnosed with this disease, the RSD spread from my arm and followed the path of my Lateral Antibrachial  Cutaneous Nerve or (LABC Nerve) to my head. After, the disease spread to my head. The RSD gave me a chronic head ache, also known as a RSD migraine. I have had a head ache for roughly seven years… I think? Now for the good news.  Lidocaine infusion takes a lot of the pain away in my head. So I go from a migraine to a dull head ache. Now, if that’s not relief, what is? The one thing I have learned with this disease after countless of different types of procedures are not to look for the miracles. Instead the small miracles that can make life a lot more tolerable for the next week from having this infusion.