The question “How to tell a friend what rsd feels like?” Was just purposed to me. This is how I ask people to imagine my pain. First, I ask the person to lick their figure and stick it into an outlet and picture what their body would feel like. Then, I  tell them to I imagine their skin burning but it feels like a freezer burn. Then I implore them, to imagine hundreds of bees stinging them in their thighs. Next, I ask them to feel their collar bones protruding from their skin. If you have ever broken a figure, periodically during the day my fingers feel broken. Hundreds of whole body muscles spasms all day long. Last, but not least, have a head ache that is all over the front, sides, and back of the head for seven years. This is how I feel every day. Every day I wake up. Meditate and read inspirational books. I pray to god for the health, happiness, and safety of those around me and last pray for myself. I do yoga and exercise. I smile all day long because even though I have a magnitude of pain. I have two beautiful children . A partner that keeps the fire burning under my butt. Life, Love, and Experiences,to look forward to everyday. Always remember to smile. A smile lightens a room. A smile makes peace, pleasure, and comfort for those around you. A smile will also lift your own spirit, mind, and body. Sooo don’t forget to smile!