Okay, finally I did it and went to the ER. I stopped bitching about my pain, and went through the automatic slidding glass doors. I found a woman who put me in a wheel chair and took my info. When I made it to the  nurse my blood pressure said it all. 156/117. All that means is 100% pain.  If you do not know what that means, it’s high. I am not over weight and no I don’t need a cardiologist. Now I just need to some how explain a disease to the nurses and doctors in between the hundreds of muscle spasms, bones feel like their popping out of my skin, my skin feeling like it is on fire and oh yes the dry heaving because of the rsd/ crps migraine. Oh yes I did pull this off.

The exam went something like this…. In between the crying, screaming, body jerking. The ER doctor having to do his job to touch or exam me beacause I had only fallen a dozen times in the last week. Doing what they do best I got pocked and prodded In between my screams and flinches. I told the doctor about full body rsd/crps. He had no clue about the disease All except he read it in a text book in school. I love becoming the teacher when I am in this much pain. Don’t you! He said one thing that stuck out in my mind. He the ER doctor said “I didn’t know you could have full body rsd!?” My body at the time was changing colors like the rainbow! HELLO! Next they inserted the IV And gave me copious amount of drugs. No, No, I did not pass out like most people would of. So instead I got the next best torture of being awake and totally messed up on drugs. I, unlike some people hate this feeling but I needed the pain to settle down a bit and a bit is all I got. I never allow my family to see what happens in the ER any more. They always end up crying because they say it’s their living hell to watch this. I do understand. I am a mom, and if my child, partner, family member, or friend went through this much pain and I had a back door. I would bail out. I would not want to watch, listen or hear a love one go through hell and back or anyone for that matter.