Tonight, I played BINGO in a VFW for the first time. I had so much fun with my family and friends. I even forgot about if anyone had noticed me shaking or have muscle spasms because we were laughing so hard. I think that some of the people playing BINGO, okay the majority of the people playing, took the game a little to serious. That’s okay they made me laugh.

On the other hand, I got home this evening and checked my messages. One of the messages was to call my mother. I called her and she said my cousin had passed away tonight. This is where I would like to briefly talk about genetics. My cousin has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We do not know what she died of yet but that is not the point. Here’s the point. I have begun doing research into my maternal side of the family. I am not going to discloses everything but this is my question. I have reflex sympathetic dystrophy (full body), my cousin who died has/had ms., her sister my cousin has complex regional pain syndrom  (in her arm).  My cousin who died of ms., well, her daughter also my cousin has Parkinson’s disease. I have asked countless doctors could all this be DNA linked. The doctors tell me that it is not linked. I personally believe it is all genetically linked.  Or my family is really that unlucky. I also think the researchers and doctors have not jet figured out how all these diseases are DNA linked together. I realize that doctors only practice medicine and they do not have all the answers. I hope research will one day catch up and give me the facts that I so diligently search for.

Question? Are all these diseases linked together some how, and are they inherited and passed on to the different generation?