I turn my head so slightly to the left and a beautiful woman in the corner of the room with the sun shinning through her hair and glow about her. Is she my angel? Am I still In heaven? Where am I? Who is she? Tears trickling down my face I realize it’s one of my mother’s good friends. I understood now, I was no longer in heaven. The Lady was not an angel, and I was in a hospital. I had fully recognized now that I was back on earth. The after mass of dieing and going in and out of consciousness waking up from a coma was hard to comprehend. I was lying in a hospital bed in the ICU. A breathing tube was stuck in my throat and more wires, tubes, and machines hooked onto my ever being.  My mind started racing I knew I was just in heaven with my family. Why am back? How dare them bring me back?

It’s been two and half years since I died and was literally been brought back from the dead. This is a true story of one of the times I remember waking up after coming out my coma. I no longer ask myself morbid questions. I am here on earth to do gods will, not my will because that never works out right.