I am trying to control what I can not control. That is total body pain due to rsd/crps.  My body has rsd/crps on every appendage, torso, neck, and head.  I am writing this blog, to reach those who need some one to talk to.  For the family members that need another point of view, information, or help.  I will always write back or do my best to give you personal testimony of my experiences. I have been living with this dreadful disease for 7ys.  I have survived more misfortune, suffering, and pain due to my health than what most people experience in a life time. For the doctors that read my blog and need advice for a patient whom is suffering from rsd / crps there is only one thing I want to say right now. STOP telling us to do cold to hot water for what ever extremity might need to be desensitized. It is the wrong way to go about it. Instead, find that one thing that might be tolerable mine was a heating pad and go from room air to heating pad do not over do it and always remember less than best, is the best policy.